Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Printer's Tray almost Finished!!

I am happy with the way this tray is shaping up.
I tied a series of Seaman's knots and Fisherman's Knots out of colored twine. Each slot is labeled with the name of the knot. The other slots have fishing/ocean embellies in them.
The title was made with my Cricut ,stamps and embossing powder.Ocean Twilight is the name of a fishing boat which belongs to my neighbour who gave me the tray. I intend to put pictures of their boat in the free slots and gift the tray back to them.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Printer's Tray Progress

Here is the progress so far that I have made on the printer's tray . Paper is from Kaiser.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Very Cool Printer's Tray

This is a tray my neighbour gave me I want to scrap it!! I'll keep you posted.

A Thank You Card!

This card is for the family who watched our dog Dizzy while we were away.

Two Grad Cards...a little late!!

Here are some cards I made using my Cricut and Cuttlebug with embossing folders. They are for our nephews, Jon and Joel who both graduated this year.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Another Birthday Card

Another card using my Gypsy....This is one for my son AJ.

Birthday Card For My Son

Here is a card I did yesterday for my son Matt.

French Manor Anniversary Card For My Parents

here Is my first card made using French Manor!! My Circle exclusive Cart!!! This picture does not do this card justice, What you can't see is that the black cardstock used is "prismed" and shines rainbow colors in the light.

For The Boys!!

This is a page I did last year! Scraplifted from somewhere? if this is your work please contact me so I can give you credit!

Button - Up Baby, It's Cold Outside!!

A 2 Page LO using My Cuttle-bug! I love all those little buttons!!

Parrot Tattoo

Parrot Tattoo...first bloom I'm hoping this one will settle in and show that double edge better.

Dantes Inferno

Dantes Inferno...my brightest red so far!!

Nous Nous

Nous Nous.... This is a lovely red!!

Spacecoast Ruffles

Spacecoast Ruffles...what a wonderful color!!

Going Green

Going Green...Not quite as green as I expected, but pretty none the less!

Time Drifter

Time Drifter...such a great pink! Super wide petals.

Sweet Tranquility

Sweet Tranquility.....This is a great round form super-wide petals!

Carved Initials

Carved Initials...WOW!! this one is very "carved"!! Great color too!

River Ripples

River ripples...A lovely sculpted red!!

Kanopalie Coast

Kanopali Coast... love that purple wire!

What Fun

This is What Fun...great colors in this one!!

Barbie In Pink!!

Barbie in Pink ...Huge and sooo pretty.

Un-named double Spider!!

Wow this is a beauty...and has been blooming for 5 weeks now!

Purple Cheetah

Purple Cheetah!! Spots...wow!!!

Lilies...Sailing At Dawn

Sailing at Dawn....Such a great color.

Our Lilies...Big Bird's Friend

Big Bird's Friend...Huge!!

Some of My Lilies...Our Miss ruby

This is Our miss Ruby...Sculpted and So Pretty!!

Blog Candy. Wow!!

Great Blog Candy!! One thousand pieces of paper!! and stamps too! From Who??? One Thousand Pieces of Paper...who else?? hehehehe.