Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Going Green With my Cricut Cart Storage

When looking for a better way to store my ever-growing amount of Cricut cartridges I ran across this shelf outside our local movie rental store. The owner was down-sizing due to the fact many people are now duying digital copies of movies intead of renting DVDs or videos. She gave me the shelf for free!! I was happy to re-purpose it as a shelf for my carts!! It works perfectly!! I am able to see the carts easily as the bottom shelves are out further from the wall than the top shelves. The shelves are also exactly the right width for the cartridge boxes.

I also picked up 3 more shelves like this at a video store in town for a small price. I use those shelves fo storing my wooden stamps and my punches. So watch out for video stores closing or downsizing, bring one or two home and help keep these wonderful shelves from filling the landfills.

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