Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Trick part of Trick or Treat

Good Morning fine people!
   I am participating in The 2nd Great Canadian Cricut Circle Swarm on the Circle Forums.Today is my day to submit a challenge. Sooo here goes....The Trick part of Trick or Treat
 1.  Steal an object from a family member, friend or neighbour ( for the faint of heart an object found in a thrift store will do in a pinch)
 2. Alter object using at least 2 Cricut cuts.
 3. Quietly and unnoticed return altered object to original owner/spot (if this is a thrift store find, gift it  unnoticed to someone ie. hang on neighbours fence porch, door etc..)
  Here is my stolen object, a mirror from DD bedroom she was very happy with my Trick!!
                                                           Have a Happy day, Hugs Lilygirl

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